Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE)


The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at VCU promotes and enhances teaching effectiveness and student learning through faculty-centered initiatives. The CTLE supports teaching effectiveness with comprehensive, ongoing orientation, support for scholarship, teaching resource tools, and recognition of contributions to teaching and learning.


  • Create and provide various tools as related to syllabi, teaching observations, and unit level writing retreats
  • Facilitate connections between faculty across disciplines to access university level resources such as online teacher training, academic technologies, and library services
  • Serve as an institutional change agent to promote equity and inclusion across all teaching and learning initiatives, including assessing teaching effectiveness.

Areas of Focus

  • Support faculty in addressing contemporary opportunities and challenges in teaching, such as emerging modalities, innovative methods, and evolving learning environments.
  • Engage and include all faculty members, particularly new faculty.
  • Coordinate with faculty to support innovative teaching research.
  • Document and reproduce best practices related to teaching and learning.
  • Recognize excellence in teaching and learning.

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