Syllabus information

Information about the syllabus policy and syllabus statements can be found below - use the jump links above to skip to a particular section.

Syllabus policy

To ensure clear and timely information to students about their course options, VCU has introduced a new syllabus policy that outlines procedures and common components for all syllabi. While all instructors are expected to review and be familiar with this policy in detail, the checklist below provides an overview of what your syllabus should contain:

  •  A. Course prefix and number, section number, and title
  •  B. Semester term and credit hours
  •  C. Class meeting days/times/location (if applicable)
  •  D. Instructor name, contact information, and office hours
  •  E. University course description (required to be verbatim from the University Bulletin)
  •  F. Course prerequisites, if any
  •  G. Student learning outcomes
  •  H. Required texts and/or course materials
  •  I. Course schedule
  •  J. Final exam date and time (if applicable)
  •  K. Grading scale
  •  L. Grade categories and weights
  •  M. Link to the VCU Syllabus Policy Statements on the Provost’s Website
  •  N. The following statement and link: Use VCU Libraries to find and access library resources, spaces, technology and services that support and enhance all learning opportunities at the university.

You may also make a copy of this checklist to use for your own reference.

Syllabus statements

In addition to the items covered on the New Syllabus Policy Checklist, instructors should include the information below as part of their syllabus and on Canvas pages by:

  • Copying and pasting the text in the gray box below; or
  • Including a link to this webpage for reference instead

Syllabus statement short version

Copy and paste the statement below into your course syllabus:
Students should visit and review all syllabus statement information. The full university syllabus statement includes information on safety, registration, the VCU Honor Code, student conduct, withdrawal and more.

VCU Syllabus Statements