Conferences for Faculty

A vital role of professional development focused conferences is to support capacity-building, connecting and collaborating, engaging in networks, and learning and growing together. Participating in career growth conferences can stoke enthusiasm and serve as a means of motivation for both, overcoming challenges and utilizing opportunities.

Taking the time to attend and participate in conferences organized by institutions intended for professional development can be key to opening paths to success. At Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), a Minority Serving Institution, the commitment to meet students where they are hinges on the support of faculty. Towards that end, VCU’s Office of the Provost–Faculty Affairs is developing initiatives to create spaces for faculty members to leverage information and harness opportunities to facilitate their success.

Among the initiatives are two annual conferences; one targeting non-tenure track faculty and another for associate professors.

The First Annual Non-Tenure Track Faculty Conference was held on Monday, May 8, 2023. For more details, please visit the 2023 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Conference page.