Office of the Provost Faculty Fellows Program

The Office of the Provost invites faculty to apply to serve in a part-time, administrative role in academic and faculty affairs. Selected Faculty Fellows will work directly with the Provost and other senior leaders in developing and implementing key programmatic initiatives to support VCU’s faculty and staff.

Opportunities are available to lead and/or coordinate programmatic initiatives in the Office of the Provost. In addition, the Faculty Fellows Program will provide selected faculty with opportunities to:

  • Engage and work with faculty and staff in varying disciplines, including cross-campus collaborations
  • Gain valuable knowledge and experience in higher education administration
  • Develop expertise in the practices and procedures related to the academic life cycle of our faculty and staff
  • Develop administrative skills in leading and/or coordinating programmatic initiatives
  • Develop expertise in a content area(s) of academic and faculty affairs
  • Contribute to the decision-making in support of faculty program offerings and initiatives
  • Examples include: potential to work on REAL curriculum and faculty engagement initiatives, or to help lead a service learning and repositioning work group or work on general education assessment initiatives or to focus on faculty teaching and learning.

The application deadline is 5 p.m. on Monday, May 22, 2023.

How to apply

Learn more about the application requirements and apply below: