Black History and Women's History Months

VCU has a vibrant, diverse faculty who have broad, innovative, rigorous research and teaching practices. Recognition of the contributions of the faculty happens in a variety of ways. One opportunity is to recognize faculty during the Black History month and Women’s History month. 

Starting 2024, the Office of the Provost will showcase black faculty and women faculty between February 15-March 1 and from March 11-15. Because of the short time to plan, we have a truncated list this year. But there will be ample opportunity to recognize our excellent faculty across the years. We will extend similar recognition during the Latine History Month (September 15-October 15), LGBTQ Pride Month (June), APIDA History Month (May), Arab American Heritage Month (April) in subsequent years.

Faculty Affairs charged a committee to generate ideas for recognizing our faculty. The 2024 committee comprised the following faculty:

  • Ellen Carpenter - College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Susan Coombes - School of Business; Faculty Affairs
  • Robyn Diehl McDougle - Wilder School
  • Stephanie Odera - School of Social Work
  • Archana Pathak - College of Humanities and Sciences; Faculty Affairs, Committee Lead
  • Gaynell Sherrod - School of the Arts

The Office of the Provost will recognize one faculty member each workweek day from February 15, 2024 through March 22, 2024 on the Faculty Affairs website. 

  • The recognitions from Feb. 15 - 29 will be for Black History Month Recognition and recognitions on March 1 and from March 11-22 will be for Women’s History Month.
  • There will be no recognition postings from March 4-8 as it is the University’s Spring Break.
  • Totally 22 faculty members will be recognized - 11 as part of Black History month and 11 as part of Women’s History month in 2024

An announcement will be made in TelegRAM on February 16th and March 15th.

2024 Faculty Spotlights