Q Collective

The Q Collective, now housed within the Office of Provost, is in Faculty Affairs.  In 2023, the Q Collective was co-chaired by Dr. Kevin Allison, Professor, Clinical Psychology and Dr. Maurice Gattis, Associate Professor, Social Work. In 2024, Dr. Kevin Allison continues as the Chair of the Q Collective.

Queer Interventions: Queer O'Clock

Join the Q Collective’s Camp Qmunity (CampQ), for a summer intensive program on LGBTIA+/Queer Studies. Throughout the month of July, we will meet synchronously and asynchronously to talk about queer time and the making of queer space. 

CampQ will explore ideas of queer time in order to harness collectively ways of thriving. We will discuss queer time in nature, grief, archives, and performance. During the month of July, we will be visited by artists and cultural workers who will lead us in workshops on local ecology, queer archives, breath work, and gay liberation. We will dive into a different topic via discussion, workshops, readings, viewings from artists and thinkers from VCU and beyond. Through our time together, we will interrogate our own relationship to VCU, strengthen and enliven our autonomy within an institution, and expand our ability to world-build.  Our time will culminate in designing an event sharing student work in a public, local space in Richmond, VA.

Camp Qmunity 2024 will be co-directed by HH Hiaasen (they/them), interdisciplinary artist and VCU Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and J Molina-Garcia (she/her), Assistant Professor in Photography and Film, with support from Kevin Allison (he/him), interim co-chair of the Q Collective and professor of Psychology. 

Responsibilities of the participants include:

  1. Completion of pre-work requirements (readings, videos, written assignments)
  2. Attending/viewing all workshops over the four-week period
  3. Attending project work sessions once a week (in addition to workshops). Some of these sessions will be in-person, with dates/times to be determined collectively by the co-directors and participants.
  4. Completing any individual assignments throughout the four week period
  5. Complete creating a collective sticker set that could “cover” the VCU campus and website.

This competitive opportunity is open to all students with at least one more semester of full-time undergraduate coursework. Pell eligible, first-generation, and students who hold multiple marginalized identities are particularly encouraged to apply.

Students will receive a stipend of $500 for program participation. 

Applications are now open and will be accepted through May 25th at the following link.

Please direct any questions to Kevin Allison at kallison@vcu.edu